Social Media: Goal Setting and Brand Building

by Jillian Pearson

Obviously, most companies should be building a brand first and foremost, but we must determine what the top two goals will be when it comes to social media marketing. In the beginning, this should be focused on the content already created via the website. Treat this as an outline, a guide, for the first month of content creation via blog, social media, etc. Identify the top two goals first.

Next, analyze all the data based on every aspect of the content that has been created thus far. How well does it represent your brand?

As far as social media, list the top 20 attention-getters and shift the attention to a couple other social media platforms you’ve not used yet.

Continue to build on the blog, interact with your clients. Send them surveys, do whatever is necessary to obtain a large amount of feedback from them. Begin to post items about the industry to those who have shown the most interest in your content thus far.

Always keep your focus on your brand whether you’re building up your website, blog, or social media content. After all, your brand represents who you are as a company. It must be cohesive and recognizable.

We can help you with all these aspects. Check out this page and let’s get the ball rolling.